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At the time I purchased this site's domain, I was seething.

Months of unreliable cable and Internet service mixed with horrendous customer support and the most inconvenient service visits had cost me two vacation days, two weeks of no cable and Internet, and all of my patience. And so it was that the mere act of purchasing this domain made me feel better. Much better.

Owning made me feel so good, my need to express my frustrations subsided. Just having this domain meant I had the potential to do wonders. I now had the upper hand. I had control over a company that had made me feel helpless for years. Well, just as soon as I could free up some time to launch a site.

Two years later,. I still hadn't launched a thing. I also no longer used Cablevision.  I'd love to tell you it was because I switched to satellite or just chose to watch whatever static-filled channels I could get from an antenna rather than continue to pay a penny to Cablevision. But no. I moved. Now I deal with another cable monopoly.

So why launch this site now?  Simple. I did a search for "cablevision sucks" and apparently ye olde cable provider hasn't gotten much better. So it's time to highlight some customer stories, raise some issues, ask ourselves why something as potentially amazing as cable can be so gosh darn frustrating.

And it might as well start with me. Seeing as how I own this domain and all.

 Feedback is welcome